Please read the latest update from the diocese here.

Bishop DiMarzio has determined that all public masses be cancelled in the Diocese of Brooklyn, until further notice. 

THERE CONTINUES TO BE AN EXPANDED SCHEDULE OF TELEVISED MASSES IN 7 LANGUAGES, WHICH CAN BE VIEWED ONLINE.  Watch LIVE Masses on NET TV, or select one of the pre-recorded masses.  (Click here to fined the timetable)

Decree of The Apostolic Penitentiary on the Granting of Special Indulgences to the Faithful in the Current Pandemic (Click here to read)

A Prayer for this Time of Health Crisis.  (Click here to read)

Diocesan News and Updates  (Click here to read)

CDC Recommendations for Cleaning and Sanitizing surfaces.  (Click here to read)

Another useful link from the CDC (Click hereto view)

Bishop DiMarzio’s Letter to the Faithful of the Diocese

Pope Francis’ Letter for the Month of May


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